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Phosphate Treatment

   Phosphate is a metal conversion coating process. There are many kinds of such as Zinc phosphate, Zinc calcium phosphate, manganese phosphate. We apply phosphate coating on many applications such as Anti-corrosion, Based for organic coating, Anti-seizer for cold forming, Wear resistance. After surface cleaning by suitable technique, metal will be reacted by Phosphate chemical and generate an even crystal of the phosphate compound. Aluminum surface can also be coated by Non-chrome or Tri-valent chrome chemical.


Type of Process Service
   Zinc Phostphate
    • Corrosion resistance.
    • Use in adhesion rubber and plastic.
    • Base for paint.
   Zinc-Calcium Phosphate
    • Apply on part working in high temperature such as Engine part, Washer, Spring (Panel Assy).
   Aluminum(Corrosion Coating)
    • Suitable for Aluminum material
    • Anti-corrosion resistance coating and paint based for Aluminum.
    • Non Cr or Cr3+ can be selected.

   Zinc Phosphate + Soap Lubricants
    • Longer die life.
    • Anti-seizure for cold forming part.
   Manganese Phosphate
    • Excellent in wear resistance. Such as gear, pitons, cam etc.
    • Corrosion resistance.