Parker ionic

An electrostatic powder coating equipment

    - Manual gun model
    - Compact multi-color booth system (Automatic)


1. Extremely safe, high performance electrostatic gun
Exhibits good penetration and a high transfer efficiency with the new charge method 'PULSE POWER II'. Our gun is certified by the globally recognized FM Approvals in the US safety codes.

- Excellent penetration for corner of inside box
- Less powder accumulation on the bottom of inside box
- Less powder blowing off even if spraying from close position
- Easy to replace gun cable due to having a connector at the both ends

2. Automatic control equipment for powder supply
Optional automatic powder supply control equipment JUST FEED and ACE FEED can be mounted to eliminate excessive coating weight and realize a superior coating and reduced powder cost.

3. Powder color change system
Using the booth divide function, this system is optimal for lines which require frequent color changes on a par with solvent paints. The coating process is only interrupted for one minute, and we have realized a line operation ratio of 96%.
- Number of colors: virtually unlimited
- Color change time: less than 15 min