Rust Preventive Product

Divided to 3 categories

Rust Preventive Oil

As our long history in degreasing chemical and pretreatment specialist, Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. has developed high performance products for rust prevention in term of “NOX RUST” that never cause hart to be removed by alkali degreasing in pretreatment process.

NOX RUST is divided to 3 types by its application.

1) Solvent base type

2) Wax base type

3) Water base type

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Film : PIPAK

According that high viscosity rust preventive that protected rust for long distance export parts sometimes causes degreasing problem, VCL or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor film is instead for this application. VCL sheet contains rust prevention additive in plastic layer works by vaporizing this substance to cover metal surface.