Surface treatment

Degreasing Chemical

Formulated environmental friendly chemical to remove variety of oil and dirt from the material substrates

Surface Condition Chemical

High performance chemical for preparing surface substrate to be suitable before the conversion coating process by controlling size of crystal film to meet each OEM specifications.

Conversion Coating Chemical

These products are divided into many types depend on substrate and purpose

1.) Coating chemical for steel or galvanized steel

  Zinc Phosphate, Manganese Phosphate, Iron Phosphate, Nano Coating Chemical(PALLUCID), Parker Ultimate Lubrication System (PULS), Non-Chromate coating on GI material and etc.

2.) Coating chemical for Aluminum

Trivalent Chromate coating (Cr3+), Non-Chromate Coating

Functional of Surface treatment

    4 Main Objective

1. Anti-corrosion, based for organic coating:

  Phosphating can anti-corrosion and clean material surface and increase adhesion efficiency for organic coating.

2. Anti-sizer for Cold Forming :

  Zinc Phosphate crystals will react with soap forming metal soap layer which perform lubricate and wear resistance between steel and mold in cold forming process prolonging lifespan of mold.

3. Wear resistance :

  Some parts of the movement or friction at all times will cause wear or heat up. It must have oil to lubricate. The oil will be absorbed onto a piece of skin must be prepared to make oil that can be absorbed in the gap between the phosphate crystals, it can maintain the lubrication of the parts.

4.Paint Base :

  Phosphating can raise adhesion efficiency and anti-corrosion as well.