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Delta MKS
Delta MKS is Zinc flake system of cathodic protection without Chromium (VI) providing the micro coating thickness with high-performance corrosion protection. Zinc flake coating can be achieve protective effects against base metal corrosion (red rust) as per salt spray test (SST) up to 1,500 hours or above follow customer’s requirement. Zinc flake coating are applied worldwide in the automotive, building, electrical and aviation industries


A coating of Zinc flake is a paint made up a lot of little flakes, which primarily protects components of various types from corrosion. Through the sacrificial effect of the less noble zinc it provides active protection from environmental influences. Zinc flake coating generally contain a combination of Zinc flake and Aluminium flake (as per DIN EN ISO 10683 or DIN EN 13858), which are fused together by an inorganic matrix


Cross-section and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) of a Zinc flake coat (20µm)


The Characteristics of our Zinc flake systems at a glance:
- Offer high levels of cathodic corrosion protection
- Consist of a base coat and usually a topcoat (referred to as a system)
- Have extremely thin coats of typically 8-12 µm
- Are annealed at low-temperatures (up to max. 240℃)
- Cause no application-induced hydrogen embrittlement
- Have an active appearance and colouring possible via the topcoat
- Can be adjusted regarding their coefficients of friction for threaded parts according to customer specifications and fulfill other assembly characteristics
- Completely forgo any use of heavy metal that are harmful to health, such as chrome (VI), and are thus environmental friendly
- Sparing on natural resources
- Conduct electricity
- Are highly resistance to chemicals
- Permit the coating of threaded parts without any working or re-cutting
- Comply with EU, End-of-Life Vehicle Directive’ 2000/53/EC and ’Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste Directive’ 2002/95/EC


Due to its ability to perform well coatings of minimal thickness the Zinc flake concept has become most widely used for screws and fasteners in the automotive industry: every second screw used by the leading manufacturers is coated with Zinc flake systems