Heat Treatment

ISONITE is salt bath nitriding that Nitrogen and Carbon will diffuse and form compound layer that can raise wear resistance and surface hardness without changing the toughness of the core. This technique wildly applies to Engine Valve, Crank Shaft and Gear etc.
Moreover, Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. Applies Salt Quench technique to raise anti-corrosion and wear resistance properties of parts after Isonite process.

Salt Quench Polish (SQP)
is process that carry out oxide film over the compound layer after Isonite Process to increase wear and corrosion resistance. The appearance of the parts after SQP process will be matte black.
Quench Polish Quench (QPQ)

is process that polishes surface of SQP again to increase wear resistance,anti corrosion and fatigue. The appearance of the parts after QPQ process will be shiny black