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Surface Treatment

For everything kind of materials and shape – uniform coating

Kanigen is a synonym for electroless plating which provides smooth coating surface all over the parts. It is possible to plate various types of material and components with various forms and has superior qualities in thickness uniformity, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Electroless plating intends to prolong the life of the material itself and further improve the material’s characteristics.

Name “Kanigen” was adopted by combining the first syllable from the words C(K): Catalytic, Ni: Nickel and Gen: Generation Kanigen has been registered as Trademark of Electroless Plating in Japan by Nihon Parkerizing since 2002 and then Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd.

Prominent of Electroless plating
1. Smooth coating of surface

2. Less porous

3. Apply to varieties of metal

4. Glossy smooth coating with hardness

1. Uniform coating
- Possible to plate all surface for complicated shape, pipe shape etc.
2. Micro-level accuracy
- High productive process and thickness control in micro-level accuracy
3. Excellent corrosion & ware resistance
- Against high temporary and high alkaline condition alternative usage of Chrome plating

1. Engine part
- Aluminum piston, Delivery pipe, Fuel pipe, Turbo-charger, Cylinder block and Liner
2. Electrical parts/ components
- Lead frame, Air conditioning part (Scroll, Shoe, Vane), Airbag ECU parts, power control unit PCU.
3. Drive/ Transmission parts
- Pinion shaft, EPS shaft, CVT parts, Difference washer, Power steering parts, Clutch cam plate and Hub
4. Suspension/Brake parts
- Break piston, Wheel cylinder, Drum break, Anchor pin, ABS/ASC parts.

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Ceramic Kanigen®




Electroless nickel coat (Ni-P alloy coat)
Uniform coating thickness, strong anti-corrosive properties, high hardness etc.
Pistons, anchor-pins, power-steering parts etc.

"Kanigen plating" is the product name of our electroless nickel coating (Ni-P alloy coating) and is still used today as the synonym for electroless plating. It is used for a broad range of industrial commodities, the characteristics of which include high uniformity in thickness, high corrosion resistance and high hardness.(Back to top)

Kaniflon® (Licensed from U.S. patent)

Electroless nickel coat with PTFE particle components
Self lubricating, water-shedding etc.
Clutch parts, shafts, transportation components etc.

Kaniflon® is an electroless nickel coating with submicron PTFE particle components. Its properties are high uniformity in coating thickness, high hardness and in addition to this self-lubricity which is the feature of PTFE. The main application purpose is providing lubrication and prevention of seize, etc. at the sliding area. The content of the PTFE particle can be adjusted according to the usage. (Back to top)

Kaniboron® (Granted U.S. patent and Japanese patent)

Alloy coat consisting of 3 elements Ni (Nickel), P (Phosphorus) and B (Boron)
Heat resistance, impact resistance, high hardness, self-lubricating etc.
Transportation components, compressors, pistons etc.

KANIBORON® is an alloy coating consisting of 3 elements: Ni (Nickel), P (Phosphorus) and B (Boron). It has a hardness of about Hv700 without the heat treatment and high fracture toughness. It is most suitable for use in sliding parts such as precision components made of aluminum that cannot be heat-treated. Moreover, it has superior qualities in heat resistance and impact resistance. (Back to top)

Ceramic Kanigen®

Electroless nickel coat with ceramic particle components
Excellent abrasion resistance, heat-resistance, high hardness etc.
Casings, liners, cylinders etc.

Ceramic Kanigen® is an electroless nickel coating with submicron ceramic particle (SiC) components. Its properties are firstly excellent abrasion resistance surpassing that of hard chrome, which is derived from the characteristic of ceramics and high uniformity in coating thickness and high hardness. It is most suitable for sliding parts that are prone to becoming intensely worn out such as filing down. (Back to top)

Kaniblack® (Granted Japanese and U.S. patent)

Black electroless plating
Low reflectiveness, light absorption, heat radiation and etc.
Optical components, OA device parts etc.

Kaniblack® is innovative electroless plating. It forms a black coating uniformly by submerging the objects into the plating solution and develops over time. We were the first in the industry to develop this technique. It is ideal for optical components which require low reflectivity of light and is used in NASA satellites. Additionally, KANIBLACK® has been highly acclaimed in the heat radiation purpose of the semiconductor device and the integrated circuit. (Back to top)

Kanihaste® (Pending Japanese patent and working toward practical use)

Alloy coat consisting of 4 elements Ni(Nickel)-Co(Cobalt)-W(Tungsten)-P(Phosphorus)
High hardness when precipitating and high hardness in a hot environment, fracture toughness property, strengthened the sliding quality etc.
Piston parts etc.
Kanihaste® is our newly developed electroless alloy coating consisting of Ni (Nickel), Co (Cobalt), W (Tungsten) and P (Phosphorus) which combines high hardness in the precipitation (Hv770) and under high temperature (Hv560 at 300℃). The sliding characteristic under the high temperature is strengthened and this characteristic is also valid under non-lubricant condition. (Back to top)