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Surface Treatment

      Phosphating is surface modification of substrate materials before coating with others process. There are many application of Phosphating such as anti – corrosion, based for organic coating, anti-sizer for cold forming and wear resistance.
      After surface was cleaning by suitable techniques, metal surface will be reacted with Phosphating chemical and generate an even crystal of the Phosphate compound film.
      Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. provides varieties of Phosphating process which fulfill all specific requirements of clients.
Zinc Phosphate is appropriated for parts that require adhesion efficiency with organic coating, anti-corrosion and paint based.
Zinc-Calcium Phosphate is proper for parts which resist in high temperature used such as screw that assembly inside of a car or with an engine.
Manganese Phosphate is applied to high friction loaded parts which need anti-corrosion properties such as gear and piston.
Zinc Phosphate + Soap Lubricants are apply to cold forming parts to prolong lifespan of mold

Non Cr and Cr3+ are suitable for Aluminum parts which require anti-corrosion and paint base properties.