Chemical Products

   With long experience in surface modification business for 35 years , Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. has consecutively developed qualities of our chemical products and services to meet all client’s requirement and manufacturing standard by applying advance technologies of Supervisory Control  And Data Acquisition or SCADA

   Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. is technology leader in surface modification business concerned in automotive parts, electric appliances and steel industry. We provide professional services to meet all requirement with our best technology and service mind.



Surface treatment


Coating chemical for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum such as  Zinc Phosphate, Manganese Phosphate, Iron Phosphate, Nano Coating Chemical(PALLUCID), Parker Ultimate Lubrication System (PULS), Non-Chromate coating on GI material and etc. Learn More  




Rust preventive


As our long history in degreasing chemical and pretreatment specialist, Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. has developed high performance products for rust prevention in term of “NOX RUST” that never cause hart to be removed by alkali degreasing in pretreatment process. Learn More





Rolling oil


is applied as coolant for cold rolled steel process.
It works for rolling lubricity to give high rolling speed and good rolled surface on steel sheet.

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Parker ionic


Exhibits good penetration and a high transfer efficiency with the new charge method 'PULS POWER II'. Our gun is certified by the globally recognized FM Approvals in the US safety codes.

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Technical service


holds a strong technical service team who are always on your sides receiving trouble information and enquiry for suit products and service development. Learn More