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    40th Anniversary Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. On 20 July 2019

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PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition
process creates very hard and low friction thin film on surface.

It possesses excellent abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and also corrosion resistance to prolong product lifespan.
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Elecrostatic powder system
Extremely safe, high performance electrostatic gun

Exhibits good penetration and a high transfer efficiency with the new charge method 'PULS POWER II'. Our gun is certified by the globally recognized.
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PALLUCID is the new innovation primer chemical, .

which applied to parts that contain several metal together,such as steel,galvanized steel and aluminum, responds customer requirement in environmental friendly and energy reservation.
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Thai Parker Technology Center

Analysis Center and Laboratory service

Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. keeps focusing on research and development of new technologies concerned with prolonging the service life of products, enhancement of material properties,energy conservation and waste reduction.
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