Aiming to support a sustainable growth of industrial and respond to customer requirements with recognition in resource and environmental preservation,

  Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. intend to develop the high performance products and surface modification process focusing on prolonging the lifespans of products, enhancement of material properties,energy conservation and waste reduction.

  In addition, we have collaborated with Nihon Parkering Co., Ltd. in research and development topics paying attention to reuse,recycle and recovery technologies in order to meet the requirements to reduce the resource consumption and also waste treatment cost in production line.





Is the new innovation primer chemical ,which applied to parts that contain several metal together,such as steel,galvanized steel and aluminum, responds customer requirement in environmental friendly and energy reservation Learn More




Room temperature chemical


We consecutively develop with recognition in resource and environmental preservation by reducing releasing of Carbon dioxide during surface modification process. brings Room Temperature Chemical technology. Learn More








Developed for cold forming that reduce production process, energy consumption and wastewater from the manufacturing process. Learn More







Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)


Process creates very hard and low friction thin film on surface. It possesses excellent abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and also corrosion resistance to prolong product lifespan. Learn More