PALLUCID (Nano-coating chemical)

PALLUCID is a new innovation primer chemical, which applied to parts that contain several metal together such as steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, meet customers requirement in energy conservation and environmentally friendly.

PALLUCID is a new innovation  primer chemical

1. Environmental friendly

  • No Phosphorous, Nickel and Manganese containing
  • Reducing the amount of heavy metals, 5 times lower than Zinc phosphate
  • Reduce the cost of wastewater treatment

Nano coating oxide  films of PALLUCID will play importance role and replace Zinc Phosphate process

2. Sludge as industrial waste can be greatly reduced, saving cost and environmental load which will generate sludge 10 times less than Zinc phosphate

3. Shorten process length

This Nano coating pre-treatment process is not need the use of surface conditioner chemical and water supply, which make the process shorter, reduce the wastewater and lower process time.